The main objectives for KSM managed vessels is to transport cargo, over sea from shipper to receiver, in the most efficient way according to contract.

  • Without any injury to personnel
  • Without polluting the environment
  • Without any damage to the vessel
  • Without any damage to the cargo
  • Without any damage to third party
  • To our customers full satisfaction

Safety & Quality Policy

  • The above shall be implemented by checking that all new recruited Officers and Crew has valid Licences and training Certificates according to STCW and thorough checking of references experience and personal background, and active use of “Assessment Report”. Implementing regularly on board training, drills and Safety Equipment Checks according to SEQS.
  • By maintaining the vessel and all equipment according to the manufacturers recommendations and to the standards set by the KSM.
  • By planning ships voyages well in advance and using all necessary means.
  • KSM and operators to give full and correct information and advice, and the Masters to report on regular basis in a correct and proper manner.
  • By communicating with the Agents, Shipper and Receivers, Suppliers and Authorities in an honest and polite manner, and act in accordance to received information
  • By observing and implementing rules and regulations according to Flag State, Class, P&I, International and local Authorities
  • By reporting all non-conformities and immediately implement the corrective action, and for KSM to communicate all non-conformities with implemented action to all Company vessels.
  • KSM to follow up and monitoring the implementation of the SEQS and for all employees to engage themselves according to KSM’s Manuals, procedures and standing orders.

Environmental policy

  • This policy requires all employees to recognize, be committed to and contribute actively to reducing activities, which could degrade the environment.
  • We shall be in compliance with applicable laws in all our operations involving environmental harm. We will be committed to complying with both national and international environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements.
  • Continuous improvement and prevention of pollution are integral to every part of our business. The ISO 14001Standard will help us focus on improving the work we already do and to pay even more attention to what we can do to prevent pollution from our ships and from the office.
  • We shall establish specific targets and carry out measurement against such targets.
  • We shall have an environmental program including continual improvement of our effort to minimize the impact of environment.
  • Our company believes that solutions to most environmental problems lie in a combination of appropriate technology, the human factor, financial resources and proper management.
  • Our efforts will therefore reflect our belief that concern for the environment will represent an important competitive and economic factor in the future.
  • We shall encourage our clients, customers and other companies or persons to take responsibility in environmental care.
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